Forest biomass information at regional to global scales are essential data for a variety of applications such as forest inventories or dynamic vegetation models.

Space-borne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery can support the estimation of forest parameters because of the direct sensitivity of the backscattered signal to forest structure and SAR independency from sun light and weather conditions. The availability of repeated SAR observations within a short time period furthermore allows refining estimates of a forest parameter with respect to a single image estimate.

To exploit the potential offered by multi-temporal SAR data to retrieve forest parameters, the BIOMASAR algorithm was set up. The BIOMASAR algorithm retrieves forest growing stock volume (GSV, unit: m3/ha) with a fully automated approach. 

This website provides maps of GSV derived with the BIOMASAR algorithm from several spaceborne SAR datasets to interested users of the scientific community. The datasets are free of charge, with the aim to encourage further research in the field of forest parameters retrieval and investigations that require spatially explicit information on forest parameters.