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The BIOMASAR data products provide an estimate of forest growing stock volume (GSV) per pixel starting from extensive stacks of SAR measurements. GSV is given in m3/ha.

Initiates file downloadThis document contains detailed specifications on image file format of the GSV and the quality flag datasets.

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Data users are welcome to contact us and provide feed-back on the data products or this website. This page is regularly updated with new or improved data products. The latest version of the data product is given as production date in the form of  yyyyddmm. Registered users will be informed upon updates of the data download section.

When citing any of the data product downloaded from this website, please refer to the peer-reviewed articles in the Publications section.



2015-08-05: The pan-boreal GSV dataset was expanded to cover latitudes north of 10 deg N.

2015-08-05: An uncertainty layer (in m3/ha) for the GSV dataset of the northern hemisphere has been added.

2015-08-01: The article "Forest growing stock volume of the northern hemisphere: Spatially explicit estimates for 2010 derived from Envisat ASAR" has been published in Remote Sensing of Environment (see Publications).



The following projects support(ed) the generation of BIOMASAR data products

- European Space Agency (ESA), Support to Science Element (STSE) BIOMASAR-I and -II (ESRIN contract No. 21892/08/I-EC),

- ESA Data User Element (DUE) project GlobBiomass (ESRIN contract No. 4000113100/14/I-NB)

- European Commission 7th Framework Programme (283080) GEOCARBON





GSV of the northern hemisphere, year 2010 (former pan-boreal)

Central Siberia GSV, years 2005 and 2010

Quebec GSV, years 2005 and 2010

Russia-China border GSV, years 2005 and 2010

Sweden GSV, years 2005 and 2010